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Top 10 Soccer Countries: Explore the World of Football

Football is deemed the world’s most popular sport, with fans worldwide sharing a universal passion. The game has captivated people’s hearts from diverse cultures and countries. However, they are more prevalent in some countries over others due to their national teams connecting them to the game.

Moreover, these countries have marked their place with remarkable achievements to reflect their passion for football. Millions of fans watch their games live or via streaming websites and sports channels.

Here is a list of the top ten countries exploring their teams, ranking, and best players according to FIFA (Updated November 2023).

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1. Argentina

Current FIFA Ranking: 1st

Best Club League: Argentine Primera Division

Best Players: Lionel Messi, José Manuel Moreno, Diego Maradona

Top Insights: 6 Semi-Final Appearances, 3 World Cups, 15 Copa Americas, 1 Confederations Cup, 2 Olympic Gold Medals

Argentina is the eighth-largest country globally, the second-largest in South America, and the fourth-largest in the Americas. It is home to one of the best players and teams in the world of football. They have a good grasp of team play and have always been better than the players of other countries like Germany and Brazil. Moreover, the country has an immense fan following, even from different parts of the world.

Moreover, the country has an immense fan following, even from different parts of the world. They allow fans to access many popular channels or platforms to watch soccer. In addition, you can access BBC iPlayer content with a VPN if they are geo-restricted for you.

2. France

Current FIFA Ranking: 2nd

Best Club League: Ligue 1

Best Players: Kylian Mbappé, Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane

Top Insights: 7 Semi-Final Appearances, 2 World Cups, 2 Euro Cups, 2 Confederations Cups, 1 Olympic Gold Medal

France is a famous sovereign state in some parts of Europe and overseas territories and regions. It is officially known as the French Republic, with a population of over 50 million. Their football teams have had significant breakthroughs in the past and are recently catching up to their old fame. Their recent performance has reignited the love for football, producing better players than other nations. Some fans even debate that they are better than Argentina.

3. Belgium

Current FIFA Ranking: 4th

Best Club League: The Jupiler Pro League

Best Players: Romelu Lukaku, Michy Batshuayi, Kevin De Bruyne

Top Insights: 2 Semi-Final Appearances, 1 Euro Cup, 1 Olympic Gold Medal

Belgium is in Northwestern Europe, officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium. It is home to one of the largest cities, Brussels. Their current team is housed with some of the best players with good chances of climbing the ranks. They are the only nation that hasn’t won a FIFA World Cup. Fans pay close attention to their players and expect them to turn their history around.

4. Brazil

Current FIFA Ranking: 5th

Best Club League: Brasileirão

Best Players: Ronaldo, Pelé, Carlos Alberto

Top Insights: 11 Semi-Final Appearances, 5 World Cups, 8 Copa Americas, 4 Confederation Cups

Officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil, it is the largest country in Latin America and South America. It also stands as the fifth-largest country by area. They have won the most World Cups and almost qualified for all. Their skills are something to look forward to with some of the most popular players. Fans say that no other nation except Italy has come close to their performance.

5. Italy

Current FIFA Ranking: 9th

Best Club League: Serie A

Best Players: Paolo Maldini, Giuseppe Meazza, Gianluigi Buffon

Top Insights: 8 Semi-Final Appearances, 4 World Cups, 2 Euro Cups, 1 Olympic Gold Medal

Italy is the third-most populous European member state, officially known as Repubblica Italiana. It is one of the leading countries in world trade and exports and one of the world’s most industrialized nations. They have been a dominant force in football, matching Brazil with skills and performance. Fans have always admired their team’s consistency due to their managers’ contributions. They have also produced some unique players with impressive styles.

6. Germany

Current FIFA Ranking: 16th

Best Club League: Bundesliga

Best Players: Gerd Müller, Franz Beckenbauer, Lothar Matthäus

Top Insights: 13 Semi-Final Appearances, 4 World Cups, 3 Euro Cups, 1 Confederations Cup, 1 Olympic Gold Medal

Germany has some of the most popular cities, including Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin. They are best known for their artists, bratwurst, hamburgers, cake, and coffee. After Brazil, they are the most consistent team among other nations. They may not have famous players, but their teamplay is compelling and noteworthy. Moreover, they have the best squads with impressive tactics, and football is celebrated everywhere in the country.

7. England

Current FIFA Ranking: 3rd

Best Club League: Premier League

Best Players: Stanley Matthews, Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore

Top Insights: 3 Semi-Final Appearances, 1 World Cup, 3 Olympic Gold Medals

England, located northwest of continental Europe on the Island of Great Britain, has a rich history. They have good players in the present but had great players in the past, like Beckham, Lineker, and Shearer. However, fans complain that their teamwork needs improvement with better tactics and skills. They have yet to produce outstanding players but have always been competitive with the sport. Football was invented in the country, and fans hope to see better performance.

8. Netherlands

Current FIFA Ranking: 6th

Best Club League: Eredivisie

Best Players: Marco van Basten, Johan Cruyff, Ruud Gullit

Top Insights: 5 Semi-Final Appearances, 1 Euro Cup

Informally known as Holland, the Netherlands is famous in northwestern Europe. It shares its maritime borders with popular countries like Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Despite being a small nation, it has produced some prominent players. Their matches are always entertaining to watch with their quick ball circulations and attack formations. Most football fans agree that their players have a unique playstyle to keep them on the edge of their seats.

9. Spain

Current FIFA Ranking: 8th

Best Club League: La Liga

Best Players: Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Emilio Butragueno

Top Insights: 2 Semi-Final Appearances, 1 World Cup, 3 Euro Cups, 1 Olympic Gold Medal

Known as the Kingdom of Spain, it is a country located in southwestern Europe. They are also popularly known as the best soccer nation in the world. They have produced some top players who have been instrumental in their handful of victories. Spain has consistently shown excellence in the Euro and World Cups. Fans say they have better players in recent times than older teams of other nations.

10. Portugal

Current FIFA Ranking: 7th

Best Club League: Primeira Liga

Best Players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Eusébio, Luís Figo

Top Insights: 2 Semi-Final Appearances, 1 Euro Cup

Officially known as the Portuguese Republic, it is located in southwestern Europe, mainly on the Iberian Peninsula. Their football teams have improved considerably despite their poor performance and lack of talent. Ronaldo continues to be the best player of all time, effectively carrying them to the semi-finals. However, they are producing memorable players like Figo and Eusebio, with fans calling them underdogs.

To summarize, the above list concludes the top football nations of all time. Most are gradually climbing the ranks, and fans have high hopes for their home teams. With most notable players retiring one after the other, they can only hope to witness some future legends. Moreover, newer countries have started participating, and you can expect to see them in updated rankings.

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