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What Are Odds Boosts? Guide for Sports Bettors

If you’ve recently used a sports betting site, you’ve probably heard the term “odds boost”. Most sportsbooks, from the US to Europe, now offer them on a frequent basis, especially when there’s a big event taking place, such as a Copa America final. But because they’re still a relatively fresh trend in the sports betting world, some people still don’t understand how they work. If you’re part of this camp, here’s an easy rundown of what odds boosts are and the things you can expect from them.

What Are Odds Boosts?

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Odds boosts are when a sportsbook increases the odds so that the payout for a moneyline, point spread, or other type of bet is bigger. If the bet is successful, the person makes more money — simple. An example of this would be if the odds of Lionel Messi scoring for Inter Miami in an MLS game were boosted from 3/1 to 4/1. If you bet $1, you’d get $4 back providing Messi scored, allowing you to pocket more money than you would have with the original odds, which would have been $3. In a nutshell, you’re getting a bigger payout for the same amount of risk, which is an exciting prospect.

Odds boosts, also known as “price boosts”, were first introduced in the US betting market by New Jersey sportsbooks. Since then, they’ve become a major fan-favorite with soccer fans and contributing to the increased popularity of the sports betting market. Now, whenever there’s a big tournament taking place, like EURO 2024 or the Copa America, bettors race to check the latest odds boosts to see if there’s anything of value. Whenever a profitable betting opportunity opens, they’ll then lock in their bets and wait to see what happens.

Where to Finds Odds Boosts

The great news is that odds boosts are available through most major sportsbooks in the US. This includes FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Betway, bet365, and Caesars. If you’re interested in the odds boosts and bonuses that these sites offer, you can use Sharperz, sports betting picks expert, to discover which sportsbook is right for you. Remember, odds boosts and bonuses can change from week-to-week, which is why it’s a good strategy to keep tabs on them so that you never miss out on the latest offers.

An example of a new odds boost comes from Bet365, who are on a roll when it comes to EURO 2024 and Copa America, two of the biggest international soccer tournaments. With the Copa America, Bet365 boosted the odds of Brazil and Vinicius Jr. to score anytime from +100 to +200, which is a 100% increase in potential profit. These types of offers normally attract lots of engagement, particularly when the chances of it coming true are realistic. Vinicius Jr. is a flair player who has just scored 24 goals in 39 games for Real Madrid in the 2023/24 season, which is why he’s expected to score plenty of goals and lots of odd boosts will be made available for the Brazilian throughout the entire tournament.

Remember, you don’t have to take advantage of every odds boost offer you see. Some people hold back until they see a profit opening attached to odds that are too good to turn down. In some cases, you might only place a couple of bets a week, which is more than enough if you’re optimizing them through odds boosts.

Are Odds Boosts Worth It?

Odds boosts are almost always worth it, especially for small bettors with restricted bankrolls. Rather than placing random bets every single matchday weekend, you can (instead) be patient and wait for valuable odds boosts to get released. In many cases, it’s a good strategy to have multiple accounts open across different sportsbooks so that you’re not locked out of potential promotions. For example, if BetMGM offers a major odds boost for a World Cup Final, it’s a smart idea to already have an account ready with them so that no time gets wasted.

Generally, try to stick with odds boosts that offer 10% or higher of the expected value (e.g. $10 for every $100 you wager). At the same time, make sure to use a betting calculator so that you can remove the “juice” (the cut a sportsbook takes from your bet) and compare the juice-free line to the odds that have been boosted. This is a great way to know the exact amount of money you’ll be making and whether or not the boost is as valuable as it seems on the surface.

Do Odds Boosts Require Bonus Codes?

No – odds boosts very rarely require any type of bonus code. The boosted odds are made readily available through the menus so that anyone with an account can take advantage of them. However, in some cases, you might find that you have to “opt-in” to enjoy the boosted odds, which could be anything from making a qualifying deposit to betting a specific amount of money. For instance, if FanDuel offered an MLS Cup odds boost with a $10 opt-in, you’d have to bet $10 at a minimum. If the opt-in offer is too much for you, there’s no pressure to do it. Instead, you can hold back and wait for future odds boosts with better value and smaller opt-ins.


For years to come, odds boosts are going to be a huge part of the soccer betting world, as well as sports betting more widely. In soccer, you see them all the time in match outcome, final score, and goalscorer betting markets, with the profit opportunities attached to them often being too good to ignore. This is why eagle-eyed bettors are constantly looking out for new offers, most commonly when there’s a big sports event taking place. As seen with EURO 2024 and the Copa America, odds boosts are flying around everywhere at the moment, so make sure to pinpoint boosts with genuine value, opt-in if required, and experience the benefits.

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