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What are the Best Butt Exercises?

Building up a strong, healthy butt takes both working out and stretching butt exercises. Avoid overtraining any muscle group to protect your joints. An over-built bicep will start to pull on your shoulder; a properly balanced tricep will keep your shoulder in balance. Strong glutes are good. Over-trained glutes can be hard on your hip and knee joints.

soccer bar NYC globeSkip the Machines

According to Legion Athletics, one of the keys to working out how to get a bigger butt is to focus on exercises that work more than one muscle group. Squats are great for boosting your glute strength, but they’re also terrific for your calves and quadriceps.

Put most of your energy into compound exercises early in your workout and move to the machines when you get tired and lose form. A great butt won’t be as fun if your knees and hips are always hurting.

Work In A Stretch

To keep your hips loose while building your glutes, try a weighted side lunge. This move can be done on a yoga mat. You hold hand weights out front, keeping your biceps constricted. Step wide, bend the knee so your knee is above the foot rather than outside, and come back to the center.

During this exercise,

  • keep your hands lose but your arms tight
  • feel the stretch of the inner thigh
  • tuck your tummy in tight
  • push up through your glute to target your muscle growth

If you’re just getting back to the gym, skip the weights. If you have back or knee trouble, this may be easier to start with a ballet barre.

Build Your Butt at Home

Use your step stool or just use the steps in your home. Step up at least one foot on your right foot and lift your left knee to a 90 degree angle with the right leg. Add weights at your chest to increase the resistance. If you have knee problems, go for more reps.

You can make a good start on this exercise by just using a basic tread. If your balance isn’t great, use the handrail to ensure you are stepping down consistently. Draw your tummy in tight and keep your gaze steady to avoid distractions.

Use a Bench or Ball

Lay back on a ball and roll out until your back is supported, but your hips are in the air. Widen your feet to shoulder height and lift your butt to a flat plane with your shoulders. You can add resistance by holding weights in your hands at your hip crease.

You can intensify this workout by placing a barbell at the same hip crease and sitting sideways on the weight bench. This may take a spotter when you start out. Slide away from the bench until your shoulders are supported, and your low back and butt are in the air. Press the barbell up with your hips and tighten your glutes as you press. For more information, you can always reach out to places like Legion Athletics.

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