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What is the Difference Between Virtual and Real Football?

In the vibrant world of football, where fantasy leagues have become as much a staple as game-day traditions, you might wonder how virtual football fits into the heart of true enthusiasts. Does it enrich the football experience, or is it merely a distraction from the pure joy of the game?

Whether you’re a master of fantasy leagues or a staunch advocate for the purity of football, understanding the distinct yet overlapping realms of fantasy and real football is crucial. This understanding helps us appreciate whether fantasy football offers something more profound beyond its widespread popularity.

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1 Referees

Ever found yourself challenging an offside decision in a game of Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer, only to remember that the game’s programming doesn’t make mistakes on such calls? Chances are, you’re not alone. Interestingly, despite the desire for accuracy with things like VAR in real soccer, many seem to believe that making the “correct” call isn’t always what matters most.

2 Player Transfers

In football management, transfers play a crucial role. In the game of Online Soccer Manager (OSM), managing player transfers is quite simple. Each player comes with a numerical value, allowing you to buy or sell players according to these figures, your financial restrictions, and your team’s needs.

However, in the real world, the process is more complex. Negotiations, contracts, dealings with player agents, and external factors often complicate transactions. Managers must also weigh a player’s ability to adjust to new leagues, cultures, or countries—a consideration not needed in OSM.

Although the difference between virtual and real football is really great, there is something in common – limitations. For example, you may not be able to watch live streams in certain regions, and games may not be available based on location. If you encounter such a problem, try using VPN servers from VeePN, there are already 2500+ of them. This way you can unblock a game or broadcast either in France or in Australia.

3 Penalty

Have you ever tried scoring a penalty in a new video game right off the bat? Chances are, you haven’t succeeded because it’s a task requiring skill and practice, not just for anyone playing a football video game but also in real-life football where precision and control come into play. Unlike virtual players, actual footballers have the advantage of mastering their movements to hit the target accurately.

However, even in the world of sports, exceptions occur, such as the 2006 Switzerland World Cup team. Despite their efforts, they failed to score throughout the game and even during the penalty shootout. It’s a rare feat, showing that sometimes, not even having the skills can guarantee success, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have a player whose name ironically hints at missing the goal.

4 Sort of

You’re living in an era where the cheat codes of old video games are a fond memory, yet there’s something almost as exciting available now – assembling dream teams in World XIs! Ever imagined teaming up Ronaldo and Messi? You might find yourself coordinating plays with Álvaro Morata and Carlos Vela instead, due to certain limitations. Despite this, you still get the thrill of creating an all-star lineup, a rarity in real sports unless you’re attending Andrea Pirlo’s testimonial.

There’s a growing buzz around the idea of adding a wildcard team to the World Cup, featuring standout players from nations that didn’t make the cut for Russia. It’s better to download VPN iOS in advance in order to definitely catch the next championship, perhaps there will be some interesting teams in it. If you are also ready to make a bet, then the degree of emotions will be much higher.

5 Wide Recievers

In fantasy football, you’re looking for a wide receiver (WR) who can consistently deliver plenty of yards and touchdowns. The relationship between fantasy and real-world performance at this position is closely linked, though they’re not entirely the same.

When picking a WR, considering their quarterback is crucial since a top-notch quarterback can significantly boost a receiver’s value. Take Larry Fitzgerald, for example. Despite his skills, the retirement of his quarterback, Kurt Warner, might make you hesitate to pick him too early in your draft.

While Fitzgerald remains a valuable pick, the quarterback’s change could make you think twice about drafting him in the very early rounds. Conversely, a quarterback like Peyton Manning has the ability to turn Pierre Garcon into a must-start player in your weekly lineup.

6 Goalkeeper

If you spot a goalkeeper wandering far from his post during a match, it’s usually a sign of trouble. Either it’s a desperate move in the final moments of a losing game, or it’s a miscalculation leading to an easy score for the opponents. Real-life decisions carry real consequences, unlike in a game where you can experiment with risky plays without worry.


In managing a football team, whether it’s through Online Soccer Manager (OSM) or in the actual field, the essence of strategy, player collaboration, and building your team remains core to both. However, the journey differs greatly.

OSM simplifies the management experience, offering an enjoyable entry point for strategy lovers of the sport. Real-life management, however, plunges you into the depths of complexity and unpredictability, delivering a richly rewarding challenge.

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