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Top 5 Soccer Players Who Started With Indoor Soccer

Millions of people play soccer every day in open fields and yards. Indoor Soccer is very different from playing soccer on an open lawn, but it helps develop technique and quick thinking, like demo games help improve your gambling skills for success at Most professional soccer players came through the ranks of outdoor soccer, but there are exceptions. Here are some examples of soccer players who started their stardom with the indoor game

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Wissam Ben-Yedder

One of the brightest Monaco forwards is Wissam Ben-Yedder, for whom Barcelona was ready to pay 80 million euros. He played futsal until the age of 19 and was called up to the French national mini-soccer team, until he was noticed by scouts from Ligue 1. Ben-Yeder was characterized by his quickness and quick thinking, which he developed on the parquet. One day he suffered a serious leg injury and came to training in a cast. He was forbidden to play, but Wissam insisted and asked to be put under his left leg.

Scouts of big French clubs took notice of him due to his performances in mini soccer. The first professional contract with Wissamam was signed by Toulouse. The first two seasons for Ben-Yodder were not successful, he scored only one goal, but in the next four seasons he scored at least 15 goals. Then there was Sevilla and the general recognition of a star footballer.


Pele grew up in a very poor neighborhood in the city of Bauru, São Paulo state. He was taught to play soccer by his father. At a young age, Pele could not afford full training with a ball. As a ball he used a sock stuffed tightly with newspapers or grapefruit. After Pele grew up, he started playing futsal.

He was considered too young, but the small court allowed him at the age of 14 to play on equal terms with adult players. At that point, he was already popular in Bauru when he won several consecutive championships with his mini soccer team. This made Pele one of the top scorers in the world of soccer.

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez was born in Tocopilla. He used to play soccer with his friends in the playground since his childhood. Alexis was given the nickname “Squirrel” for his agility and speed. These games were not futsal, but that’s where Sanchez honed his skills. It’s said that the mayor of Tocopilla, having seen the game of the barefooted boy on the street, gave him soccer boots. At the age of 15 Alexis was taken into a semi-professional team and here he has already started his way in big soccer.

Lionel Messi

The story of Lionel Messi is known to many. He grew up in a poor neighborhood of Rosario in Argentina and often played soccer with his brothers on the court. Since he was of low height, he had little chance to play professionally in soccer. Therefore, Lionel for a long time practiced his skills on the court. It was more like street soccer than indoor soccer, but nevertheless he managed to attract the attention of big sports and now he is a famous soccer player.

Ian Wright

Ian Wright is the most notable APL player of the 90s, but he started playing professional soccer quite late. In his youth, he played in unknown clubs and also on the street with friends. At one of the games at an amateur club, he was spotted by scout Pete Prentice and offered to try to get another try at a big club. The coach was so impressed with his play that three days later he offered him a contract with a good salary. Wright’s peak of fame came at the age of 22, which is how he got into the all-star league of the 90s.

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