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Top 5 home cities of the best soccer clubs in the US

The beginning of the new soccer season in the United States brings us new wins and new favorites for all fans. At the start of the year, we saw a fresh ranking of the best Major League Soccer teams in the USA. It included both old clubs that have been well-known to everyone for a long time, as well as quite new teams that are just getting popular. Today we have compiled for you a List of cities where the TOP 5 American soccer clubs are based.

The moving company notes that the popularity of these locations has risen visibly in comparison to previous years. These are the cities that true soccer fans and those who see their children’s future in the sport of soccer professional careers are choosing to live in. So what exactly are these new places?

philadelphia union soccer club

1 – Fort Lauderdale – the Hometown of Inter Miami CF

This is the young team that quickly jumped into the American Major League Soccer just a few years ago and already in 2024 is the first line in the ranking of the best clubs. The team led by Beckham and Messi is based in a small resort town 30 kilometers from Miami. The home stadium of Inter Miami DRV PNK on the Atlantic coast is both the club’s main training base and the main stadium of the region, where qualifiers and home tournaments are held.

2 – Los Angeles – the Space of Soccer and Stars

Los Angeles FC has been one of the most popular soccer teams in the United States for many years. And of course, the city itself has already earned the title of Mecca among soccer fans. The second largest metropolis in the USA boasts some of the most spacious soccer stadiums and an unstoppable string of sporting events. It is here that many of the US Major League Soccer matches are played. So Los Angeles is an excellent city to move to for young people who prefer to be in the center of the cultural and sporting life of the country.

3 – Chester (Pennsylvania) – Home of Philadelphia Union FC

Subaru Park is the home stadium of Philadelphia Union FC, which is currently ranked in the Top 2024 Best Teams in the United States. The city of Chester in Denver County, Pennsylvania is quite small, but it has a long history, a stable and safe environment, and a strong urban infrastructure. It is one of the smallest most perfect places for family moving, for everyone who is not only passionate about professional soccer but also about cozy and promising regions where you can have a high standard of living and professional growth.

4 – Minneapolis-St. Paul – The Agglomeration where Minnesota United FC is Located

The two largest cities in the state of Minnesota together form the agglomeration of Minneapolis-St. Paul, which has become a significant cultural, financial, and sports center of the whole region. Minnesota United FC has been playing in Major League Soccer since 2017 and has managed to achieve great heights and win the love of the audience. Their first home stadium was the university’s TCF Bank Stadium. But as of recently, the team’s training and tournaments are held at the freshly built Allianz Field, which welcomes visitors from all over the country. St. Paul is justifiably called one of the most up-and-coming cities on the west side of the Mississippi River.

5 – San Jose – The California Home Base of the San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Club

Northern California’s biggest and brightest city comes into direct competition with Los Angeles and San Diego in terms of popularity among soccer fans. It was there that PayPal Park Stadium was built in 2015 and became the home venue for the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team. This is one of the oldest clubs in Major League Soccer in the US. It has a long history and tradition. In 2024, it is ranked among the Top 5 highest scoring teams of the new season. Not only soccer fans are thinking about moving to this city with a mild climate and highly developed infrastructure, but also young people who are looking for a place to build a comfortable life.

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