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The Race for the Premier League Title is On

The 2024 Premier League is quickly approaching its end. With just over a month to go, many are beginning to discuss who the winner will be. Fans are passionately defending why their team is going to win the tournament, while odds makers are approaching it from a more scientific perspective. In either case, tensions are high, excitement is higher, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the end.

Betting on the EPL

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The English Premier League is, easily, one of the most popular sporting events in the world, and certainly the most popular national football league. With that level of popularity, it is not surprising to learn that there are plenty of sportsbooks and punters who are interested in placing a bet or two on the competition.

The English Premier League draws a lot of gamblers from all over the globe. According to statistical analyses done by several surveys, the EPL’s matches generate approximately 68 billion Euros worldwide, just from betting alone. And nowadays, thanks to online sportsbooks, that amount will certainly grow higher.

For the unaware, online sportsbooks are just what they sound like; websites where you can go to find the latest odds-on popular sports. What elevates online bookies is that they often offer promos that make it easier for newbies to start betting. For example, the bet365 bonus code is a great example of such an offer.

With the latest iteration of the Premier League coming to a close, there are many fans who are interested in who is going to win. In this article, we’d like to explore the possibilities, and talk a bit about what the odds makers have to say.

The Race is On!

For most of the tournament’s duration, Manchester City were the head honchos to win. They consistently occupied the number 1 spot, and the club is also riding the high of having won three consecutive Premier League titles. If they manage to clinch it this year as well, they will become the first club in EPL history to have won four consecutive titles.

However, just recently, Manchester City have been pushed down from the number one spot, and they’ve even had the silver rank stolen from them. Arsenal has blitzed past the competition and managed to accumulate enough points to top the league table. If things keep going the way they are, the Gunnars might just redeem themselves for last season’s last-minute blunder.

Liverpool are the current number 2. They’ve won 21 games, tied in 7, and only lost two. As things stand, their grasp on the silver medal is quite shaky, as Manchester City could pull off a last-minute surprise and overtake The Reds. Indeed, while Arsenal fans seem rather ecstatic, it is still anyone’s game. But it is that uncertainty that makes the Premier League so exciting.

Final Thoughts

The English Premier League remains one of the most exciting national football tournaments in the world. It is precisely because of the high level of play that we see on display during these matches that the competition is as beloved as it is. Who will win the 2023/24 EPL? It is still anyone’s game.

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