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The Magic Of The Cup: Season 1967-68

First Touch writer Dave Bowler has been busy lately working on a new project. It’s a series of books to be released over the coming years by Curtis Sports called ‘The Magic Of The Cup’ that will cover each historic FA Cup season from preliminaries to final, including exclusive interviews with those involved.

Each book release will be limited to just 1000 copies, all of them 196 pages. The first two books to be released are for seasons 1973/74 and 1967/68. It’s the perfect gift for every soccer fan, so order yours now.

The Magic Of The Cup 1968 programme west bromwich albion 1 everton 0Edition 87 of the greatest cup competition in the world brought with it its usual drama and excitement, its nine month run extending from the slopes of Tow Law Town to the wide open spaces of Wembley Stadium.

West Bromwich Albion 1 Everton 0

West Bromwich Albion carried off the trophy in the end and Graham Williams, Tony Brown, John Kaye, Doug Fraser, Bobby Hope guide us through their triumphant run, Joe Royle offering a perspective from the camp of the beaten finalists, Everton.

There’s also a special feature on the incredible story of Graham Lovett, told he would never play again after an horrific car crash, only to be collecting a winner’s medal at Wembley a year later. Truly all human life is here in the FA Cup.

But the competition is more than merely the final and this book looks at the giants and their killers, the solicitors and the superstars who all added a fresh stitch or two to the competition’s tapestry. And it wouldn’t be the 1960s if Lennon & McCartney weren’t involved somewhere now would it?

With full coverage across the season using contemporary and newly researched sources along with all the stats you need to know, “The Magic of the Cup 1967/68” is truly a magical mystery tour worth the taking…

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