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The 10 best gambling destinations in the world

If you are an avid traveler, immerse yourself in the world of gambling and get to know the best places where you can play big. They will certainly win your love.

High Stakes In Unusual Places: Top 10 Gambling Destinations Worldwide

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If you’re a fan of traveling, you will be interested in diving into the world of gambling and exploring these destinations. If you prefer to gamble online, there are offers based on SlotsUp’s ranking system, where you can find the best online casinos in Poland and other countries. However, any gambling lover will be curious to visit the 10 best gambling destinations USA. Let’s learn a little more about these gambling gems together with you.

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Gambling Destinations №1: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When it comes to playing big in casinos, Las Vegas is the apogee of their greatness. The gambling establishments here are like grains of sand in the desert, and their number has only grown over the years. 


“Sin City”, as Las Vegas is called, captivates with its neon glow and atmosphere of incredible opportunities. 


Here the grandees of the industry open their doors for gambling lovers: 


  • Caesar’s Palace. 
  • Bellagio.
  • MGM Grand and others.


№2: Monte Carlo, Monaco

If Nostalgia In Gaming bothers you and you love to travel and relax in comfort, you should definitely visit Monte Carlo, an elegant place where sophistication is in the air. This place will appeal to anyone who likes to gamble big. The casino here is a landmark that has been around since the 19th century. 

Here are some notes about Casino de Monte Carlo that may be interesting to you:



More information

Passport is a must

A valid passport is required to visit the casino. It confirms adulthood and serves as a guarantee for the institution. The administration ignores other documents.

Do not take a seat at the table

If you are not familiar with the rules of roulette and card games, do not stand behind the players’ backs to learn them.

Souvenir chip

It is customary to take away a €5 or €10 chip as a souvenir. To do this, you should simply ask the receptionist and he will sell you a chip.

It is forbidden to trade attributes

The casino does not sell branded attributes, and everything offered outside the establishment is fake.

Cards under control

36 thousand decks of cards are stored in a special room with a constant temperature of +20°C.

Attention to celebrities

Interest in famous guests in the gaming room is prohibited. It is better to leave asking for autographs outside the casino.

№3: Macau, China

Macau, a place in Asia that attracts throngs of tourists ready to experience the excitement, has its niche among the shining stars. Macau’s casinos are more than just gambling halls, they are the world’s financial scene, where money moves so fast that it is impossible to catch even a small part of it with a fleeting glance. 


Gambling industry leaders such as MGM, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts have long realized the benefit of opening branches there. 

№4: Marina Bay, Singapore

Perhaps gambling may not be a booming industry in Singapore, as it was only legalized in 2005. However, with the arrival of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Resorts complex, there is a stunning casino here.


The endless luxury offered by Marina Bay Sands (the world’s largest gambling resort) makes Singapore one of the most famous casino cities in the world. 


You will find at the hotel: 


  • more than 2,500 rooms; 
  • numerous swimming pools; 
  • a huge number of nightclubs;
  • the largest atrium casino on the planet. 


Singapore is certainly an attractive prospect for any tourist wishing to explore the world of gambling.

№5: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Casinos are the calling card of Atlantic City, there is no doubt about it. Here everyone will find entertainment for themselves: 


  • blackjack; 
  • slot machines; 
  • poker and much more. 


The casino in Atlantic City attracts many gambling enthusiasts every year and is rightfully included in the list of top10 gambling destinations in the world. Bally’s, Borgata’s and Caesar’s are the most popular among the tourists coming to Atlantic City. 


Everyone who is looking for exciting casino games and an energizing nightlife should visit this place.

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№6: Paris, France 


No one thinks of casinos when talking about Paris, but the “city of lights” has always been full of surprises. Gambling thrives here. Paris is also called the “city of night”, as this is the time when the rich and famous people head to the casinos to get distracted by gambling. 


Cercle Haussman, located in the heart of the city center next to the Opera Garnier, is among the best casinos. With 25 blackjack tables, punto banco, baccarat and various poker games, you will not be left indifferent. You can also visit Aviation Club de France, one of the oldest casinos in France, which was opened in 1907.

№7: Sydney, Australia

In addition to the Opera House and other symbols of Australia, The Star in Sydney is a hotel, spa and an impressive casino. It attracts thousands of tourists and gambling enthusiasts every year. 


Star Entertainment, the company that owns the casino, gives guests two gambling halls, and the Inner Sanctum, an area created exclusively for international guests, is particularly notable among them.

№8: London, UK 

London has more than 20 gambling venues where everyone can try their luck: 


  • Empire in Leicester Square.

  • Victoria in Paddington. 

  • Hippodrome in the West End.


These are examples of great gambling establishments.


The UK has long shown skill in managing the gambling industry, providing the highest level of service and security.

№9: The Bahamas

Two of the gems of the Bahamas attract gambling travelers: Paradise Island and Nassau. Here you’ll also find five outstanding casinos, including the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, called “The Bahamas at Heart,” which harbors some of the most luxurious casinos, hotels, and entertainment complexes in the world. 


This paradise resort has become famous for hosting the legendary PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament.

№10: Costa Rica

The distinctive features of Costa Rica include:


  • Barceló San José Palacio Spa & Casino. 

  • Best Western Irazu. 

  • Hotel President. 


Every year, events, conventions and conferences related to gambling are organized here, making San José a place where everyone can experience the real gambling passion.

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