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The Most Popular Betting Markets for Soccer Fans

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One of your options is to place sports bets on soccer. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and there are countless outcomes you can bet on. But do you know which ones are the most popular (and offer the most satisfying odds)? Below, you can find the answer to this question.

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Most common bet types you can find for soccer

Here is an updated list of the most popular bet types for this sport, which you can find in almost every bookmaker:

  • Match Result (1X2): Betting on the outcome of a match. 1 – home team wins, 2 – away team wins, X – draw.
  • Over/Under: A bet on whether the total number of goals in a match will be above or below a certain number. “2 goals” is the most common value.
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS): A bet on both teams to score at least one goal each.
  • Correct Score: A type of bet where you try to correctly predict the final score of the match.
  • Double Chance: You choose two of the three outcomes (home wins, away wins, draw) and bet that at least one of them will come true. For example, home wins or a draw.
  • Draw No Bet: Place a bet on the team to win the match and get your money back if the match ends in a draw.
  • Asian Handicap: A variation of the handicap bet but eliminates the possibility of a draw by giving a team a head start.
  • First Goalscorer: A bet on which player will score the first goal.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time: You take your chances for half-time and full-time results. For example, draw at half time, away wins at full time.
  • Total Corners: A wager on the total number of corners in the match.
  • Total Cards: A wager on the total number of yellow/red cards in the match.
  • Outright Winner: A wager on who will win a competition or tournament (e.g. UEFA Cup).
  • Both Halves Over/Under: A wager on whether the score at the end of each half will be above or below a certain value.
  • Team to Win to Nil: A bet on a team to win the match without conceding a goal.
  • First Half Result: You take a chance on what the score will be at the end of the first half.
  • Exact Total Goals: You bet on the exact total number of goals in the match.
  • Props: A bet that can be placed on all exotic outcomes. For example, the total number of assists, if a certain player will get injured, etc.
  • In-Play Betting: Any bet you place while the match is in progress.

Which one is better?

It is not possible to say that one of them will be better than the others. Each one will have different odds. You need to try to find a good balance between the risk/reward to make the ideal choice. For example, 1×2 is a simple bet and the risk is low, but the odds will often be unsatisfactory. Asian Handicap, on the other hand, offers very high odds, but you may have to take too much risk.

The general rule of thumb is that the lower the probability of an outcome occurring, the higher odds will be offered by the bookmaker. If you can’t find a bet that suits you, we recommend checking out the in-game options. In this option, the odds are usually slightly higher and, more importantly, they change dynamically. This means that a type of bet that normally has low odds can suddenly go up. It all depends on how the match is going and in-game betting can present an opportunity at any given moment that you shouldn’t miss.

soccer player in action

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