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How an online store can monetize customer information

When opening an online store, its owner thinks that he will simply sell goods and make money. But monetization is a complex process, for the beginning, hire bigcommerce developer. If the site is designed correctly and integrates with metrics and data collection services, then data about customers and their behavior can be used to increase sales.

Analysis of customer information

This is not personal data, addresses or bank card numbers. In this case, by customer information we mean gender, approximate age group, interests, preferences, geography of residence and other data. All of them are not transferred to third parties and are used exclusively for marketing purposes.

What allows you to improve your understanding of user behavior:

1. Website design and functionality. By the behavior of visitors, how long they spend in the online store, what pages they go to, you can understand what exactly needs to be improved. Information is collected, analyzed, and a task for revision is developed.

2. Marketing strategies. Successful marketing is always based on the analysis of behavior data of the target audience. Without them, you can try to promote your store at random, wasting time, money and effort. Increasing conversion brings profit, but it is impossible without careful analysis of data about store visitors.

3. Personalization. Any person likes to consider himself unique, so personalized promotions and offers always find the greatest response among buyers and bring in good income. If, based on the data, you understand what interests the client most and offer him a relevant product, then the likelihood of a purchase will increase significantly.

4. Assortment. Based on customer data, you can create new sections of the catalog or supplement old ones with products that are more likely to be purchased.

That is, no matter what direction of promotion you look at, no matter what direction you make a priority, data on the interests and behavior of customers is needed everywhere. And you can collect them in different ways.

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How to correctly collect information about customers and their behavior

Let’s return to what was discussed at the beginning of the article. The ability to integrate analytics services into a website is the main condition for the successful development of an online trading platform. For web analysis, it is convenient to use Google Analytics and its analogues.

Very convenient options for improving the interface, design and functionality are A/B testing tools. It is by the reaction of visitors, by their behavior, that you can determine which design or functionality is better.

And of course reviews and comments. This is one of the most informative and reliable sources of customer data. In order for a client to leave a review, the site must have this functionality. In addition, pre-registration will help both more accurately understand the interests of a segmented target audience and make offers more individual.

It is necessary to analyze customer behavior and data; without this, it will be very difficult to increase sales even in the TOP e-commerce niches.

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