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Is Parlay Betting Worth It?

Whether you’re new to sports betting or not, you’ve probably heard the term “parlay” a lot. A parlay, for those who are unfamiliar with the phrase, is a sort of bet that combines numerous wagers for a larger reward. Novice gamblers sometimes gravitate to parlays because they believe they can win large. After all, bookmakers frequently publish on their social media pages about gamblers who turned a $5 parlay into thousands of dollars.

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During football season, gamblers will frequently string together a dozen wagers in the hopes of striking it rich, and sportsbooks readily cater to this get-rich-quick attitude. Sportsbooks and sites like will never divulge the stockpile of lost tickets, but they will gladly share the winners. After all, winning tickets attract players, losses do not.

But what exactly is a parlay and how does it work? More importantly, is making parlay bets worth it? Here are the things you should know.

What is a parlay?

A parlay is a gamble on two or more wagers that are linked together for a higher payoff. All wagers in the parlay must win for the parlay to win. The greater the risk and the greater the payoff, the more bets added to the parlay. If a single wager in the parlay fails, the entire parlay comes up short and you lose the entire bet.

While a two-leg parlay is simple, some gamblers like the turmoil that comes with tying seven or eight wagers together. Nonetheless, the ordinary parlay player is generally operating with three to five-leg wagers. Anything more than that is a long shot, so expectations should be kept in check.

Parlays may be played across all sports at any time of year. Some gamblers like mixing wagers across numerous sports just for the sake of variety. Parlays can be utilized in a variety of markets. Whether you’re interested in Moneyline or spread betting or even some prop bets, most sportsbooks provide alternatives to meet your preferences.

For the parlay to pay off, bettors must hit on all of their legs. After all, one bad gamble might bring the whole thing crashing down. Having said that, the excitement of a parlay is what keeps gamblers returning for more.

The pros of a parlay bet

When it comes to parlay betting, there are several advantages to consider. The most obvious advantage is that parlay betting may result in a far larger payoff than single wagers. While it’s fantastic to win gold on a single wager now and again, nothing compares when all five of your parlay legs hit, giving you a lot more money and bragging rights over your friends.

Another advantage of parlays is that they provide a degree of excitement that single wagers do not. Nothing like watching a long day/night of sports and hoping that all of your legs come through. While defeats can be agonizing, victories are rewarded and bring spice to an otherwise mundane sporting event.

The cons of a parlay bet

Although parlays may bring a lot of excitement for sports bettors, especially beginners, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Parlays may be a steep slope for rookie gamblers. While seeing enormous prizes on social networking platforms might be alluring, these kinds of victories are rare. Nobody should expect to hit gold like that every time since, as previously said, one lost leg causes the entire parlay to fall apart.

There’s also the issue that large parlay payouts necessitate a significant number of underdog choices. Relying on underdogs may be worrisome because, well, they’re underdogs for a reason. While upsets happen in sports regularly, it’s difficult to rely on many underdogs to get the job done.

Is betting parlay worth it?

Betting parlays is typically not a smart idea mathematically. While the rewards are enticing, the odds are not as high as they should be given the genuine likelihood of a specific parlay winning. Remember that parlays are extremely profitable for bookmakers.

After all, you want to know what you’re getting into before you start thinking about parlays. You must be aware of the danger that comes with playing them, especially if you’re hoping for a viral payout. Parlays, in moderation, can therefore be a good idea. The trick, like with anything else in sports betting, is to be responsible and do your homework.

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