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Inter Miami and the Messi Effect in MLS

Since Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami Club in July 2023, the club has occupied a significant position in soccer news in the USA and the world. The reason for this is not farfetched; Messi, the Greatest of all time (GOAT) soccer player, triumphantly made his entry into the Major League Soccer after an exciting time at the Parisian club side.

How has this influenced the current status of Inter Miami? Have their dedicated fans become so optimistic about their team’s prospects that they’ve ventured into sports betting, hoping to benefit from BetMGM promo code deals and other sportsbook bonuses to enhance their bets? These are pertinent questions that spurred the idea of the article.

Inter Miami before Messi

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Before Inter Miami Club announced its interest in signing Lionel Messi, many soccer fans worldwide knew little about the club or nothing. Additionally, the club was going through a series of challenges linked to the quality of its players, the playing strategy, and the lack of proper inspiration. Specifically, they had abortively tried to solve the poor attacking metrics that kept them at the bottom of the MLS table for years.

Being ranked at the bottom of the league table also meant that the team was not considered to be a serious contender and needed to attract more attention. But this reality changed when Messi joined the team.

What is the Messi Effect at Inter Miami?

When someone asks about what Messi has done since he got to Inter Miami , the appropriate question to ask the person, depending on their nationality, should be if they would ever have been interested in the affairs of Inter Miami Club if Messi had not joined the club. Hence, Messi’s main effect is revealed by the club’s clout in the global community of soccer fans. It is not only the club that is getting attention. Also, the MLS has attracted more fans who want to see their favorite player break records in another league.

Secondly, Messi’s 11 goals and eight assists in just 11 games have recharted the course of Inter Miami. The team is now categorized as MLS’s 4th strongest team with one trophy. Inter Miami winning all the games Messi played with a draw attests to the influence of this soccer maestro whose presence in the team redirected the mentality of the average player.

Describing the team’s philosophy as “victory is a lifestyle” would be accurate because more soccer fans now watch Messi play in the USA and their confidence in his team has increased their stake in MLS.

What does the future hold for Inter Miami?

Messi’s contract with Inter Miami expires in 2025. Before this time, there were many feats the club could achieve with the active contribution of Messi. The presence of Messi gives the club an advantage in courting the attention of promising and established stars whose life goal has been to play in the same team as Messi. This will solidify the team’s winning capability and catalyze them into winning more trophies.

By 2025, when Messi’s team will expire, we can predict that Inter Miami will have become a dominant team whose competitiveness in MLS scares the opponent. Additionally, with the attention of the global soccer community that this deal has generated, there will be an increased popularity of MLS.


Every team deserves the feeling that comes with winning the league and other trophies. This feeling is what Messi has introduced to Inter Miami. In this sense, the winning atmosphere surrounding the team will consequently attract new fans. Increased fans mean the team will sell many jerseys and fill up its stadium. This development would serve as a significant income for Inter Miami.

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