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How to Win at Online Casinos

Playing at online casinos Australia always involves risk. You can reduce it by following certain guidelines, according to You can also use time-tested strategies to increase your chances of increasing your bankroll.

Winning Strategy in Online Casinos

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Betting on Levels

This tactic is the most popular in Australia. First of all, the gambler determines the size of the betting unit – it should correspond to 1% of the original bankroll. For example, the bankroll is equal to 100 AUD. In this case, the betting unit will be equal to 1 AUD.

You should start the game with 1 AUD. After 5 consecutive losses, the bet increases x5 times, that is, it becomes equal to 5 AUD. If the round is winning, the user returns to the original bet.

The tactic is aimed at wagering financial losses. By increasing the amount that is put on the spin, you can get a big win if a payable combination is formed. Especially large prizes are given to those who were able to activate freespins. The disadvantage of the strategy is that it can be difficult for the user to keep the bet size at the required level.

Martingale Method

This is the tactic that is most often used by those who prefer to play roulette. The strategy is applicable in any game where equal odds betting is available. For example, in roulette you can bet on:

  • Red/Black;
  • Even/ Odd;
  • First/second half of the table.

The user starts the game with the lowest possible bet. If the round is lost, the amount bet is increased by 100%. If a win is obtained, the player returns to the minimum bet. It is best to limit the maximum amount that will be bet to x16 initial bets. This will prevent a situation where the gambler needs to spend a lot of money to follow the strategy. The strategy implies that the first win will compensate for all the costs incurred. In this case, the gambler will receive a net profit equal to the original bet.

Fixed Percentage Betting

This strategy resembles betting on levels, but provides for a more active participation of the gambler in calculating the amounts to be bet. Spend a certain percentage of the bankroll on a spin. High rollers can bet 5% of the bankroll on a spin, while beginners are better to limit themselves to 3%.

For example, a gambler initially has 50 AUD. The first bet is equal to 1.5 AUD, brings a win. As a result, the pot becomes equal to 51.5 AUD. The next bet should be equal to 1.545 AUD. However, it is impossible to bet exactly this amount in slots. In this situation, it is necessary to round up 1.545 to the nearest value that is available. Rounding is performed to the smaller side.

Tactics gives the opportunity to flexibly manage the bankroll. Regardless of how the game session goes, the user will be able to make a large number of spins. The disadvantage of the strategy is that it requires the gambler to spend a lot of time on calculations.

Tactics d’Alambera

The strategy provides for the activation of only one line in the apparatus. Initially put the minimum amount. If the spin is lost, the rate increases by the smallest value. When you get a win again put the minimum amount.

The tactic is based on the fact that a series of losing spins sooner or later will end. The prize that will bring the slot will compensate for the losses, increase the user’s bankroll. To effectively apply the strategy, you need to play a long time in the apparatus, alternating losses and wins. For this reason, the tactic can be recommended only to those gamblers who are willing to show diligence, perseverance.

Fibonacci method

Tactics, like the Martingale method, is popular among users of online casinos in Australia. The gambler is required to bet in accordance with the mathematical sequence of Fibonacci. The first 5 positions in it look like this:

  • 1;
  • 1;
  • 2;
  • 3;
  • 5.

Each value is the sum of the 2 previous numbers. The exception is the first 2 positions, which are equal to one.

You can consider the application of the Fibonacci strategy by example. For example, the first and second bet is equal to 1 AUD. So, on the third spin you will need to bet 2 AUD. The main thing when using the system – to determine the limits when reaching which will return to the minimum bet or the gaming session will be terminated.

General Recommendations for a Successful Game at Online Casinos

The first thing to do is to choose a licensed casino in Australia. It is not a good idea to play on sites that do not have a licence. Illegal casinos may use pirated software, delay the withdrawal of winnings or do not pay out prizes at all.

Always remember that gambling – the usual entertainment. Do not take slot machines as a stable source of income. The casino always stays in the win – this is confirmed by the return rates, which are always below 100%.

Before you put in casino online real money, you can practice in demo mode. Demo versions give the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the gameplay, bonus features of games. In addition, in demo mode you can try out different strategies to win. There are several popular tactics.

Tips for Playing Slots with a Progressive Jackpot

Many of the casinos operating in Australia give the opportunity to play machines with an accumulative prize. This jackpot increases with every real money bet that users make. After someone wins the accumulative prize, it is zeroed out and starts forming again.

When playing progressive slots, it is necessary to bet large amounts. This is due to the fact that the chance of winning the jackpot directly depends on the size of the bet made. There are also slots that can provide several progressive wins. When playing them, you should try to activate the bonus round, where jackpots are played.

Choose the best online casino in Australia and register with it, then make the payment to start playing for money. Take into account the given recommendations and use strategies to increase your chances of success.

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