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How popular is it to bet on soccer in New York?

Even if football and baseball might be American games, soccer is the sport of choice for the rest of the world. Even if being an American soccer fan can feel somewhat lonely at times, New York is still one of the best states and cities to live in to be able to indulge as much in the sport as possible.

New York is also one of the states that have legalized betting on sports, making it easy and simple to place bets on matches straight from one’s phone. But how popular is it to bet on soccer, and what are the different options for bettors looking to place wagers on the beautiful game? Regardless of whether you’re someone with an interest in betting as a whole or if you’re only interested in learning more about the phenomenon, this is the perfect article to start out with. If you’re interested in betting in New York using promos, this platform might be of interest to you.

Soccer is one of the more popular sports to bet on

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Even if the NFL is the undisputed first choice for many bettors, one doesn’t have to scroll down the list of the most popular sports to locate soccer. Even if leagues like the NBA and MLB are more popular, around 26% out of all mobile bettors bet on soccer every month. As soccer in general and especially the MLS continues to grow in the States it’s likely that we’re going to see this evolve further in the future. 

New York is helped by its diverse population 

New York is a melting pot of cultures from all around the world, and many of these cultures are fanatical about soccer. Due to this, it’s common to see soccer being played in recreational areas around the city and the atmosphere at the games of the cities both MLS clubs are amongst some of the absolute best in the entire country.

By far the most popular sport to bet on in Europe

Even if soccer in the US has some ways to go until it can seriously compete with leagues like the NFL and the NBA, in Europe, the sport is the most popular to both watch and bet on by a wide margin. This is not strange since the best soccer in the world is played throughout the European leagues, and more and more Americans are starting to pick up an interest in primarily the English Premier League as the level of play is on a completely different level compared to the MLS and other domestic alternatives. 

The most popular ways to bet on soccer 

There are many different ways that one can bet on soccer and for someone interested in the sport but new to betting it can be wise to start out slowly and with a method that isn’t very complicated. Picking a winner is a simple way to get into betting and is a popular form of wagering on soccer that is popular both in the US and the rest of the world. 


For those looking for something a bit more complex, parlays might be the best way forward. Parlays are a form of betting where the player can pick a certain number of different things that can happen throughout the course of a game and then combine all of these to get better odds. For those not interested in betting on individual matches, betting on what player is going to score the most goals over the course of a season for either a team or the league as a whole might be something to look into. 

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