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Breakout Names in the Canada Football League

The Canadian Football League is one of the largest in the northern hemisphere, with millions of fans flocking to stadiums in an effort to get the best seats and enjoy the game ahead. With so many new players entering the league, there are some that have caught the attention of fans and coaches alike, and in this post, we’ll be getting to know a little bit more about some of the breakout names that stand out from the crowd, whether you want to learn more about the difference they could make to your team, or observe their career progress in general.

Names To Watch Out For

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Whether you’re keen to enjoy a little online gambling in Canada by checking the odds of a player scoring based on their skill and speed, or if you simply enjoy in-play sport events as a fan from home, there are a selection of names that may well be worth keeping an eye on. Below, you’ll find a little more about some of the most prominent.

Dillon Mitchell – Receiver with the Edmonton Elks 

Even after a pretty unappealing last season for the Elks, Mitchells’ numbers were undeniably impressive. As a rookie receiver, it could be forgiven if his performances were a little lackluster, but Mitchell surprised everyone, even opposition coaches with his catching, passing and speed.

Titus Wall – Defensive Back with Calgary Stampeders 

Titus may have missed out on playing almost 10 games due to a debilitating foot injury. Still, he certainly came back with a bang, helping the Stampeders secure wins with assists and support, not to mention throwing a spanner in the works of offensive plays by the opposition.

Ben Hladik – Linebacker with BC Lions 

No list of breakout players would be complete without a linebacker, and Ben Hladik is certainly one to pay attention to. At just 24, Hladik ended the last season with almost 60 defensive tackles, as well as a forced fumble and two interceptions – leading many of the opposition players to avoid his approach.

With so many new and existing names entering the field to showcase their talents and assist their team through their league matches, these are just a small selection of individuals to look out for, with many more expected to catch the attention of observers and take their careers to new heights.

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