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8 Benefits of Real Madrid Soccer Camp for Kids

Without a doubt, Real Madrid are one of the World’s most famous and successful teams. They have enjoyed dominated soccer in Europe owing to their continual success in the annual Uefa Champions League tournament. Coincidentally, the team is also home to several French soccer legends and current players. In a bid to raise the next generation of Spanish, French, and European soccer greats, they organize periodic soccer camps for kids. Keep reading to learn about the benefits these camps offer. 

What do Kids Stand to Gain at the Soccer Camp ?

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Whether your kid wishes to play in France, Spain, or any other part of Europe, the Real Madrid soccer camp offers these benefits. 

Regimented training and programs

Typically, the camp caters to the needs of kids and youths of varying soccer skills. It’s usually a two-week intensive camping with theoretical and practical sessions. The theoretical sessions are held in classrooms. Here, the pupils are taught the basics of soccer, tactics, and lifestyle. After that, they proceed to the training pitch for a practical session. 

The classes are spaced out to avoid boredom or fatigue. There are also distinct trainings for boys and girls. In between the classes, the pupils are expected to go for other activities that are connected to what they’re learning. Additionally, the camp offers training for certain positions like goalkeeping. 

Language lessons and extracurricular activities

As earlier stated, the pupils are meant to have didactic lectures and practical sessions. In between these major programs, the camp also offers English language lessons to French and Spanish kids who will have to play in Europe with other international players in the future. 

Apart from language lessons, there are also extracurricular activities that the camp offers. These include swimming, mini parties, music sessions, and quizzes. The activities aim to make the experience fun and immersive. Pupils are also allowed to speak with their guardians in the evening. 

Access to experts

European soccer is bountifully blessed with several legends and current players of the game. Most of these legends, like Zinedine Zidane, have become accomplished coaches and pundits. As such, you’ll hardly find a reputable soccer camp without the presence of these great personalities. 

The Real Madrid soccer camp, for instance, is filled with coaches who are armed with decades of experience in youth soccer. They know the specificities of bringing up young soccer enthusiasts. Several French and Spanish soccer legends are products of these camps and youth academies. Hence, enrolling your ward in them would give them a chance to follow in the footsteps of these great players. 

Tournaments and competitions

European soccer is highly competitive. At the professional level, there are La Liga and Ligue 1, where the top teams in the highest league compete over a series of matches. The bottom three teams at the end of a season get relegated to the championship, while the top four go to the Uefa Champions League. 

Apart from the leagues, there are other cups and tournaments that professional players have to participate in throughout their careers. Due to this famous competitiveness, the Real Madrid camps prepare pupils by organizing matches and games during training. These matches are grouped according to the player’s skill level, and winners are awarded at the end of each game. At the end of the program, the pupils are expected to imbibe this spirit of competitiveness in preparation for a bigger stage. 

Tours and museum visits

The camp also allows their pupils to tour essential places in Madrid. The most critical site is the Santiago Bernabeu, which is the club’s official stadium. Exposing the kids to the biggest stage at an early career phase will help promote confidence in the long run. Besides, they might be lucky to meet and discuss with soccer legends who have played or are still playing at the club. 

Kids who love sports naturally like to meet their soccer idols, and this simple visit might give them that opportunity. At the club’s official stadium, they’ll be given a tour of the senior men’s and women’s team facilities. Most importantly, the trophy cabinet will be shown to the campers. All this is to arouse their interest, motivate them, and give them quality training. 

Security and safety

The safety of the kids is a topmost priority for the camp officials at all times. The pupils are escorted from the hostels to the training pitch with an official bus every day. When they get to the rise, they’re kept under close monitoring throughout the day. No pupil is allowed to leave the facility unaccompanied. The camp also has a standard health team and facility for injured and sick campers. 

Spacious accommodation

The camp offers befitting accommodation for all pupils coming from France and other parts of Europe. The rooms are usually shared between two people but with separate beds. It’s spacious, well-ventilated with air conditioners, and always clean. 

There’s also a common room where the pupils can mingle and play games. Here, they can take advantage of the WiFi-enabled computers. The hostel also comes with a laundry room and gym. Feeding at the facility is covered as the program fee covers three square meals. The food is also tailored towards achieving optimal nutrition for the camp activities. 

Certification and mentorship opportunities

A vital benefit of attending this regimented camping program is that at the end of the two-week stay, there’s usually a graduation ceremony. The ceremony is meant to be an avenue for the kids to reflect on their stay and get the opportunity to network. 

Outstanding students will also be rewarded at the ceremony and get a training certificate. This certification can be presented as evidence of football training in any part of Europe. It could also help their chances when applying for college or whenever they wish to join a professional soccer team. 

Final Words 

To sum it up, enrolling your kid in a soccer camp like this can be the game changer for realizing their dreams. These camps are open to players of diverse races and backgrounds. They usually happen in the summer, so you don’t need to take your child out of regular school to attend.

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